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Moscow Dog Park Weather Shelter

Won't it be nice to be able to take your dogs to the dog park without having to check out the weather first? Won't it be nice not to have to flee the dog park every time it starts to sprinkle? Who hasn’t wished for a wind break during chilly fall/winter/spring visits? Our dog park weather shelter—a cozy new den nicknamed the PACK HOUSE—makes all of that possible. It offers a place to escape from the elements while we provide our furry friends lively, positive, social playtime.

The Friends of the Dog Park raised the funding needed to construct a weather shelter at the Moscow Dog Park to protect its human patrons and extend the Dog Park's usefulness into the snowy and rainy months. WSU students assembled the Weather Shelter on site and the building construction was completed July 10, 2010. Please visit the Weather Shelter Construction page for additional photos and detailed info regarding its construction.

Weather Shelter Design

Spring 2010, WSU architecture students created several weather shelter proposals from which we selected a final design (shown below).

Final design for the Moscow Dog Park Weather Shelter (~14' x 27')

How can you help?

Through many generous donations, we raised enough money to pay for the projected cost of this building and building construction is complete. However, the cost of this project exceeded our projections and we are still short funding to cover its cost. Please consider donating, small or large, to help us raise the remaining amount needed. You can bet your contribution will be greatly appreciated by all on the next blistery day in Moscow!

If you wish to making a tax-deductible donation to support the cozy new addition to Moscow's dog park that we have nicknamed the PACK HOUSE, print off and mail in the donation form provided.

Please take a few minutes to
send your donation in today!

Fund Raising

  • Donations make a wonderful gift (donations can be made in the individuals’ names). Please pass this information onto your friends & family who also might be interested in making a donation to this cause.
  • All donations are tax-deductible and all donors will receive a letter recognizing their donations.
  • Any excess funds will remain in a dedicated fund to be used for Moscow Dog Park improvements.
  • Any donation amount is greatly appreciated—gifts both small and large help bring us closer to obtaining our funding goal of $5,250.

Donation Plaques

For donations of $100 or more a 2" x 4" stainless steel plaque will be displayed in the weather shelter. Each plaque will read:

“In memory of…” or “Donated by…” or “Donated for…”
---Date of Donation---

Paw prints on the plaque represent the level of donation donated:
  • $1 - $99 (no plaque)
  • $100 - $499 (one paw print)
  • $500 - $999 (two paw prints)
  • $1,000 – $1,999 (three paw prints)
  • $2,000 - $2,999 (four paw prints)
  • $3,000 and up (picture of your dog etched in the plaque)

How to Donate

Please fill out, print, and mail in the following donation form if you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to the Moscow Dog Park Weather Shelter.


A big THANK YOU goes out to:

  • All those who helped with the May 22 weather shelter ground breaking effort and for the many additional occasions individuals helped throughout the construction process.
  • All who donated funds to make our weather shelter a reality
  • Dr. Barnstone and his WSU 2010 spring & summer architecture design/build classes for designing a beautiful weather shelter and building it for us from the ground up
  • Linda Pall who's guidance and leadership helped start the Friends of the Dog Park organization with a focus on long-range projects and improvements
  • Tiffanie Braun for leading our team as its Chair in the initial approval and fund raising efforts of the shelter
  • Dan Cordon for continuing the work Tiffanie started by leading the Friends group as its Chair toward a successful shelter completion
  • Dwight Curtis for presenting the weather shelter concept to the City Council and obtaining their approval for it on our behalf.
  • Roger Blanchard for acting as our liaison with the City of Moscow and helping us every step of the way
  • Emily Spellman for never giving up on her belief in the value of the weather shelter and inspiring us to continue working toward its completion
  • Scott Smith for just about everything including taking the lead role in managing the weather shelter construction project for us


For questions, comments or concerns, please contact Emily Spellman