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Weather Shelter Construction

Shelter Location

The Weather shelter is located between the two entrances to the park, north-east of the big shade tree. There were several spots in the park that were favored for various reasons over the final chosen location. However, constraints dealing with underground utilities removed many of these from our list of options. The selected site offers a great vantage point to observe dogs from most park areas without obstruction issues. It also minimizes the amount of asphalt required for ADA access, reduces snow removal requirements during winter months, and provides excellent protection from the prevailing west-winds.

Construction Snapshots

The Ground Breaking Event for our Dog Park Weather Shelter occurred Saturday, May 22, 10 am. The gravel base for the concrete was installed June 8th. The concrete pour occurred on June 14. The WSU class officially ended June 18th, but the students agreed to continue to work on it until it was finished. Construction work on the building started June 21—allowing the concrete to cure for seven days first. The weather shelter was completed July 10, 2010.

The idea of a weather shelter is formed, 2007

Weather Shelter final design approval, April 14, 11:30am

Digging the foundation May 22, 11am

Digging the Weather Shelter Foundation May 22, 1pm
Setting all thread & pouring concrete in footings May 31, 5pm

Spreading the gravel for the foundation June 8, 5pm
Concrete pour June 14, 4:15pm

Weather Shelter assembly continues, June 21, 5pm

Weather Shelter assembly continues, June 28, 7pm

Weather Shelter Construction Status, July 1, 7pm

Weather Shelter Construction Status, July 5, 5:30pm

Weather Shelter, July 7, 8:30pm

Weather Shelter, July 10, 8:30pm

Project Timeline

  • April 14, 2010 Friends of the Dog Park approve the Weather Shelter final design submitted by Spring 2010 WSU design/build class
  • May 17 Moscow City Council gives green light to start construction
  • May 18 WSU architecture students start work building the shelter in pieces over at WSU
  • May 19 Scott walks the dog park with city staff to determine where the shelter might go given various obstacles to be avoided
  • May 20 Scott, Emily, Dan, Kari, and Jean meet to discuss location options for the weather shelter
  • May 21 Dr. Barnstone and Scott meet at the park to confirm dimensions and finalize location
  • May 22 Friends of the Dog Park volunteers have ground breaking party. We dig 8 inches down for an area of about 25 by 14 feet. We also dig 10 holes 30 inches deep for the “footings”.
  • May 25 The city approves the post hole depth
  • May 31 Scott, Paul, and Dan pour the concrete for the footings
  • June 8 Delivery of the gravel base for the concrete
  • June 10 Dan and Scott work on the remesh, rebar, and forms in prep for the concrete pour
  • June 14 Scott and Paul along with Dr. Barnstone and his WSU 2010 summer students pour the concrete slab
  • June 21 Building pieces are moved from Pullman to Moscow and WSU students start assembling the Weather Shelter on site
  • July 7 Weather shelter complete enough for the orange fence removal
  • July 10, 2010 Weather Shelter Construction Complete!


For questions, comments or concerns, please contact Emily Spellman