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Saminy Cricket & Jack

Saminy Cricket

Sam at 8 weeks.

Saminy Cricket is a yellow-lab from Tensed, ID. She was born Nov. 11, 2005. Sam is a gentle pup and plays well with others unless she gets ganged up on and then you better watch out. Sam is a bit of a snob at the dog park and usually only plays with Mini, Mav and Lenny, but occasionally she can be coaxed to play with some of her other friends.

Sam loves to roam and swim circles in the pond.

Sam getting flattened by an 8 week old Boxer puppy on New Years Eve, 2006

Sam and Maverick take a nap after a hard day.


On September 13, 2008, Sam picked up a new brother in Yakima.  Tibbs, now known as Jack, had a rough life.  He is a very serious fellow and slow to trust others.  He was found at a homeless shelter outside Yakima with several poorly mended injuries.  But, those injuries don't slow him down.

Now, Jack is enjoying the good life.  He is still working on learning to trust other dominant male doggies, like Sam's best friend Maverick.  Hopefully, one day they will all get along  and Jack can be a good dog park dog.

And Sam loves her new brother.

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