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September, 2011

Friends of the Dog Park
Meeting Minutes

City of Moscow
Parks & Recreation
Paradise Path Task Force
Moscow Dog Park
2019 White Ave.
Sept 6th, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Meeting Minutes

  • Introductions:
    Dan Cordon, Kari Dickinson, Emily Spellman, Scott Smith, Malinda
  • Approval of Minutes from 11/02/10
  • Reports:
    • Weather Shelter:
      Left to do: Install donation plaques — Scott reported that the plaque wall has been stained and some of the plaques have already been glued in place. The wall will be installed into the weather shelter by the holidays. Scott will check with Dr. Barnstone regarding the status of the WSU plaque. Thanks Scott!
    • French Drain:
      Description: Future plans are to install a French Drain which the summer pool can be placed on top off and also emptied into whenever needed. This will take care of flooding and mud problems from pool use. Installation of a French Drain will most likely be an early summer 2012 project for the Friends of the Dog Park volunteer group.

      Next steps: Scott will initiate obtaining approval from city to install a French drain in the south-west area of the park near the water source and no closer than 10 feet from existing fence and trees. He will meet with city to determine location that will avoid damaging the underground sprinkler system. Costs for this project should be low, but will require volunteer labor for its installation.
  • Discussions:
    • Do we want to accept a Tractor Tire donation from Chris Michaelis? We decided that the Moscow dog park did not need this tire, but we will ask Lori if the future Pullman dog park can use it.
  • Suggestion from Casey Michaels and Frankie’s owner, Lisa, that we consider banning intact male dogs from the Dog Park. Some dog parks have implemented a rule like this. Others chose to warn rather than ban. We will use Facebook to discuss this issue further. Note: All rule changes for the dog park must be added to the city ordinance.
    • The dog park is mowed from 7-9am every Weds and toys must be picked up every Tuesday night before mowing or they will be destroyed by the mower. Scott will look into attaching a milk crate to the dog park fence to act as a toy bin. It will be installed high enough so that dogs can't pee on it (a past problem).

    • The weather shelter glass is becoming very stained by the hard water spots from the sprinkler system. There was a suggestion to use vinegar or CLR on the glass to remove these stains.

    • U-Idaho Homecoming Parade is on Saturday, October 8 at 10am. Emily will fill out the application form to have the Friends of the Dog Park march in the parade again this year.
  • Reminders:

    • Reminder from Don Nickles and Tara Wimer to leash dogs to and from the dog park to prevent accidents.
    • The dog park is open to all friendly dogs. Aggressive dogs are asked to leave at the first sign of aggression.
    • Reminder to stay current on all vaccinations. Heidi Blake Washington reported that her chocolate lab, Simba, got kennel cough at the dog park.
  • Thanks go out to:
    • Tom Grundin and City of Moscow for third picnic table
    • Tom Grundin and City of Moscow water spiket repair
    • Dan Cordon for repairing the hole in the fence.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Howling at Hamilton: Sunday, Sept 11, 1pm-6pm

For questions, comments or concerns, please contact Emily Spellman