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September, 2010

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minutes

City of Moscow
Parks & Recreation
Paradise Path Task Force
Moscow Dog Park
2019 White Ave.
September 7th, 2010
5:30 pm

Meeting Minutes
  • Introductions
    Adam, Jordan, Dan, Kari, Lori, Amanda, Mason, Barbra, Emily, Scott, others who joined after introductions.
  • Approval of Minutes from 05/04/2010
  •  Committee Reports

    • Improvement Committee (i.e. Park Weather Shelter)

      • Shelter Plaque funds—we received enough funding to pay for our shelter!
      • Weather Shelter construction status—we still have some odds and ends to complete
      • Usage—going well, great timing for fall
      • Still To-Do
        •    Fill dirt around edges
        •    Fill tire tracks from cement truck
        •    Rock added to roof
        •    Donation plaques and wall—hopefully this fall
        •    Other improvements?—none mentioned
    • Second Park Search Committee
Barbra mentioned that she would like to help out with this. Emily is going to share her email with the Parks department and see where we can get started.
    • Friends of the Dog Park Web Site
Newsletter Mail Chimp Implemented—makes our news email list available in a central location so that more than one person can send out emails periodically to the group.
  •  Old Business

    • Update on Dog Park Rule signage inside the park—Emily will talk to Roger about the progress of moving the large rules sign into the park and posting it next to the bulletin board so that more people will see it.
  • New Business

    • Rules for allowing/ banning pets other than dogs at the dog park—It was brought to our attention via email that a cat was brought to the dog park. The owners of the cat were upset that a dog was bothering it. Currently, there are no stated rules specifically banning cats from the park. Kari added a line to the rules posted in the park bulletin board stating, “All pets, other than dogs, are prohibited within the dog park”. She will also post this rule on our Web site. We appreciate notifications like this to make us aware of park issues. 
    • Farmers Market Dog Ban—May 2010, the Moscow Farmers Market Task Force Committee recommended that  “that dogs not be allowed at the FM, with the exception of service dogs for the disabled.”  The issue is currently under further study by the City. If you have strong feelings regarding this proposal, please share them with your city council members. 
    • Asphalt pathway from each entrance to the weather shelter—This potential project is currently being discussed by the city and the rotary club. If the project moves forward, it will happen Spring 2011 at the earliest.
    • Sprinkler overwatering?—Emily will contact Roger regarding this issue.
    • Trees and shrubs needs—Scott will talk to the Arboretum Associates about donating two more trees to the park to replace several dead ones from last winter’s kill. We can removing the dead trees during the upcoming dog park work day (and plant new ones if they are available by then).
    • Wireless hotspot?—Emily will talk to Paul to see what he found out.
    • Tractor tire relocation?—The group did not think the tire relocation was important and voted to table the issue for now.
    • Install a French drain to handle all water runoff dumped periodically from our small pool’s usage— Scott will talk to the city about the idea of installing one for this purpose. We propose that it be located in the region west of the park water source.
    • Dog agility features?—We voted this idea down because 1) too many obstacles in the way of mowing, etc. 2) would be a continuing maintenance issue
    • Brainstorm ideas for small dog options—The idea of a separate area for small dogs has been voted down in the past due to the small one acre size of our current park. There is an area on the north-east corner of the dog park behind the tree/shrub strip that could be converted into a small dog area by adding some fencing and a gate. But people would need to bring their small dogs through the big dog area to get to it. Scott will talk to Roger about this idea. It may be better to wait until we get a larger dog park sometime in the future, rather than making our current dog park even smaller.
    • Ideas for future dog park improvements—We will start making a list for dog park work day improvements (Sept 25th).
  • Upcoming Events/ Meeting
    • Howling at Hamilton
      Sunday, September 12, 2010, 1-6 pm
      Bring your dogs to the city pool
    • Dog Park Work Day
      Saturday, September 25, 2010, Time: 10 am

    • Next Dog Park Meeting
      October 5, 2010, 5:30 pm
  • Future Dog Park Meeting Dates
    October 5, 2010, 5:30 pm
    November 2, 2010, 5:30 pm
  • Adjourn