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2009, October

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minu
City of Moscow Parks and Recreation and Paradise Path Task Force
Moscow Dog Park
October 6, 2009 at 5:30 pm

Meeting Minutes
  • Attending
    Tiffanie, Bryan, Kari, Dan, Scott, Dody, Jean, Swede, Dave, Emily
  • Approval of Minutes from 06/02/09
  • Committee Reports
    • Improvement Committee (i.e. Park Shelter)
      • We have so far raised $1,200 towards our weather shelter. We are actively handing out forms to get people aware of the fundraiser. We are passing out donation forms to friends and dog friendly businesses. Our goal is to raise $5,000 by December. We can do some work with less money but the $5,000 would allow for a wonderful shelter and paved paths to the gates. Swede mentioned that we talk to the city grants writer about getting a grant to help us with the ADA approved paths. Emily will look into this. Also we now have a second entrance to the dog park. Thank you parks crew!
    • Search Committee
      • We do not have anyone on this committee. Any volunteers? These people would be looking into searching for a location for a second dog park. They will need to work with the Park and Rec. commission. Possibly even be on their board and act as a liaison between the two groups, P&R and FoDP.
    • Friends of the Dog Park Web Site
      • Emily has made updates to the site. There is now a page about the weather shelter and a link to allow people to print off the donation form. Kari suggested that we add some sort of fundraiser thermometer to show the growth of our progress in raising money for the weather shelter. Tiffanie found an app. And it’s added on the page. Emily will post something at the dog park.
  • Old Business
    • 4th of July Mutt Strut Report
      • Scott and Swede said we had about 16 contestants dress up in their red, whites and blues. It was a lot of fun.
    • Howling at Hamilton Update (HSOP)
      • The City hosted a 2nd annual doggy pool party. We had about 400 dogs show up. The humane society raised almost $3,000. We plan to do this again next year. Stay tuned.
    • Dog Park Survey Update
      • Kari, Dan and Emily collected survey lists from the dog park. We had many people sign the forms, all of them saying that they would support the idea of having a shelter at our park. This will help us for when we present the idea to city council.
  • New Business
    • Fall Work Day?
      • We would like to do a work day next spring. For the fall we would just like some dirt that we can use to fill the water holes right to the left of the front gate. Scott will ask Roger about getting the dirt.
  • Open Discussion regarding FODP member recruitment/retention
    • Kari is going to develop business- type cards that will read “Moscow Dog Park”, our webpage, address and a nice picture. We can use these cards to help raise awareness about our dog park.
  • Upcoming Events/ Meeting
    • UI Homecoming Parade, October 31st
      • Please join us. The Friends of the Dog Park are going to be in the parade. Bring your dogs. Your dogs can be dressed up or not. We are going to hand out dog treats and carry signs that say “Friends of the Dog Park”. This will help raise awareness of our park. -- Meet at 9 am, the parade starts at 10. We will not know our exact meeting spot until the day of the parade. Look for us on North Main Street (near San Miguel’s). If you still can’t find us, ask at the check in booth in the Ted’s parking lot.
    • Next Meeting
      November 3, 2009
    • We plan to meet at the dog park unless it is raining, in which case we will meet at Sister’s Brew. An email will be sent out before hand to let you know.
  • Adjourn