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2007, October

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minutes
Inaugural Meeting
City Hall, Mayor’s Conference Room
Thursday, October 4, 2007

City of Moscow Parks and Recreation and Paradise Path Task Force

Meeting Minutes
  • Attendance
    Kenneth Fingerlos, April Fingerlos, Emily Spellman, Donna Hime, Scott Smith, Robin Woods, Rob Braun, Nance Ceccarelli, Rory Curtiss, Ellen Thiem, Tiffanie Braun, and Linda Pall.
  • Linda Pall convened the meeting as the Council representative to the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Paradise Path Task Force, both interested groups wishing to support a citizen ‘support group’ for the existing dog park and to examine possibilities for a second dog park in the Moscow park system. She welcomed the excellent attendance and encouraged people to send extra names of interested people to her for the next meeting.
  • Initial discussion focused on the success of Moscow’s first dog park on White Avenue, adjacent to the City’s animal shelter managed by the Humane Society of the Palouse. The level of success has meant heavy usage and sometimes overuse, leading to problems with the turf, mud, etc. One of the pieces of good news reported by Scott Smith was the lack of complaints about noise or other issues with the dog park; indeed, the neighbors appreciate the existence of the park and the opportunity for play, exercise and good works with volunteering at the park.
  • The group discussed the existing park and the challenges it faces:
  • Pooling areas where water seems to be leaking from irrigation.
  • Possible sprinkler problems in the excessively wet areas?
  • Concentrated usage around the one entrance/exit.
  • Need for a ‘turf specialist’ to help in the establishment/maintenance of grass in the park; perhaps installation of drain tile? Regrading?
  • The fire hydrant, while amusing for people, has been a problem for dogs who crash into it. Suggest removal for the dogs’ safety.
  • A number of suggested additions for the existing park were discussed:
  • Add a concrete pad for clean up close to the existing entrance.
  • A second entry on the east side would be a great idea.
  • More lighting at the park was advocated both at the existing entry and at any second entry that might be installed.
  • An additional simple agility plank for the dogs, beyond the current tires, would be very welcome.
  • More seating would be welcome. Picnic tables are a possibility. Discussion about placement reminded us that if the seating were adjacent to the fence it might be an invitation to some of the pups to escape over the fence. Care will be required for any placement, especially in light of the comments above about the fire hydrant.
  • Shelter for the people at the dog park would be welcome. Suggestions included a "bus shelter" with Plexiglas wind buffers on the western side of the park, allowing for a windbreak but keeping the area within visual examination.
  • Install a simple pavilion, perhaps containing some seating adjacent to a second entry to take some pressure off the existing entry and to provide a place for people to sit and socialize while their pups play. This could also be an opportunity for a climbing rose or two…and a fine chance for someone to donate something that might be able to be named for them. We’ll check with the Parks and Recreation Department for policy in this matter.
  • Discussion was then directed toward the potential of a second dog park in Moscow. April Fingerlos who has had the opportunity to visit many park facilities in the northwest connected with her dog competition activities suggested Federal Way, Washington, as a community that has an especially user-friendly dog park. Their surfacing with a deep sand footing and large cedar bark covering it seemed to work particularly well. Portland also appears to be another city with its dog park act together. Before the next meeting, we will look for information from these cities to aid our future planning efforts.
  • The discussion of other possible sites included the following points:
  • Areas besides an official ‘park’ would be advisable… perhaps "off leash areas" in existing parks or the Paradise Path and the Chipman Trail.
  • Lola Clyde Park on North Polk Extension.
  • Palouse River Drive Park area… part of the area.
  • Adjacent to the barn next to the entrance to the Chipman Trail on the University of Idaho property. There was some discussion of the potential for such a site as a joint UI/WSU Vet School project. More information needs to be secured from the University as to its master plan concerning this site.
  • The Northwest area of the city was mentioned as an area that could benefit greatly from park development, including a dog park. Possibilities of an area adjacent to the Robinson Mobile Home Park or an opening for access to the Almon/Asbury/Lieuallen Park from the north side was suggested after the meeting by Roger Blanchard, Parks Director.
  • "Found space," meaning areas we have not yet thought about but which might be available for this kind of project, similar to the way the original dog park got started. One possibility suggested was the site of the city shop.
  • Given the expansion of the city into the area of impact, the suggestion was made that we should be looking at county sites. Perhaps this suggestion could go to the County Parks and Recreation people.
  • The result of this spirited hour and a half was the decision to meet again. The next meeting will be Thursday, November 8 at 5 P.M. in the Mayor’s Conference Room on the first floor of City Hall [confirmed]. At that time, the Friends will select a chair and other leadership.
Respectfully and happily submitted,

Linda Pall