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2007, November

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2007
Mayor’s Conference Room
City Hall
Moscow, Idaho

Meeting Minutes
  • Next Meetings
    • Implementation Sub-Committee, 11/20/07, Tuesday, 5:15 pm, Moscow City Council Chambers Second Floor, City Hall, Moscow, Idaho.
    • Future Dog Park Sub-Committee, 11/27/07, Tuesday, 12:15 pm, Room 240B, Todd Hall, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington.
    • Regular Meeting, December 4, 2007, Tuesday, 5:30 pm, Mayor’s Conference Room, City Hall, Moscow, Idaho.
  • Attendance
    Scott Smith, Donna Hime, Sharon Rieser, Georgia Rankin, Gina Richardson, Tiffanie Braun, Roger Blanchard, Huba Leidenfrost, Kenneth Fingerlos, April Fingerlos, Rory Curtiss, Dena Neese, Linda Pall
  • Approval of Minutes
    Convenor Linda Pall welcomes those present to the meeting and asked each person to introduce him/herself. The minutes/notes of October 4, 2007, were approved by the group as submitted.
  • Presentation About Portland Dog Parks
    Gina Richardson of Portland, Oregon (formerly Recreation Director for Moscow Parks and Recreation Department), shared information about the award-winning Portland Parks Department dog park facilities. Portland has been honored by Forbes Magazine as #2 in the U.S. as ‘dog-friendly.’ She provided minutes and a chronology of Portland’s citizen participation and policy process for dealing with off-leash recommendations for Portland Parks. The City of Portland took sixteen months to review new locations for off leash parks. Support and approval of park users was critical to the designation of an off leash area. Some of the considerations included usage conflicts (sports vs. dogs), adjacent schools, wildlife, cyclists and paths, separate uses, etc. The Portland Parks Department began their off leash program with a designated area in 1999. The program expanded and the department established an Off Lease Advisory Committee. Ms. Richardson shared with the group copies of information used by the Portland Parks, as well as material from a private dog park operated in conjunction with and adjacent to the Banfield Pet Hospital. Group members asked numerous questions about Portland’s experience. Linda Pall received the copies of materials and expressed the gratitude of the group.
  • Moscow Dog Park Improvement Ideas
    Following up on the inaugural meeting’s discussion of Moscow’s current dog park and ideas for assistance and improvement, Roger Blanchard, Parks Director, supplied a large aerial map of the site and smaller copies for individual use. Roger then went over the items the group identified at the October meting.
  • He concurred that the drainage question continues to be a matter of concern toward the northern side of the park.
  • The sprinkler heads were buried but they have been taken care of, eliminating that water problem.
  • A new gate for a second entrance is a possible addition but the Parks Department has limited funds. If the Friends of the Dog Park wanted to take on such a project, Roger said such a project could be done for under $1,000.00.
  • Concerning relocation or removal of the hydrant decoration, he said that the Department could take care of this in the near future.
  • Drainage issues concerning the concrete pad adjacent to the main entrance were acknowledged. If the Friends were to undertake a work day in the spring, the Parks Department could assist in directing the work to resolve the problem.
  • The light at the dog park is paid for by Avista. Additional lights would need to be the subject of future discussion.
  • Additional benches, a shelter or a pavilion are all projects that the Parks Department would be open to considering as the Friends might develop a priority list for funding and organizational effort.
  • The watering and mowing schedule from the Parks Department will be shared with Scott Smith and Scott will post the information.
An Implementation Committee was formed to pursue a plan for moving forward with support and assistance for the facility. Tiffanie Braun, Ken Fingerlos, Scott Smith and Linda Pall volunteered. [After the meeting, Emily Spellman volunteered to participate.] The Committee will meet Tuesday, November 20 at 5:15 pm at City Hall.
  • Future Dog Park(s)
    Roger Blanchard’s reaction to the ideas for possible locations was positive. He said that we should consider a minimum on one acre for any new sites. Because the hour reserved for the meeting was rapidly evaporating, the group agreed to establish a sub-committee to bring a report to the next meeting for discussion. Volunteers for the Future Dog Park Sub-committee included Dena Neese, Tiffanie Braun, and Linda Pall. [After the meeting, Emily Spellman volunteered to participate.] Because Dena, Tiffanie and Linda all work at WSU, Linda volunteered her office in Todd Hall [240B] for the sub-committee meeting on Tuesday, November 27 at 12:15 pm (No host lunch!)
  • Organization of “Friends”
    The group elected each by unanimous ballot:
    • Chair, Linda Pall
    • Vice Chair, Donna Hime
    • Secretary, Tiffanie Braun
The group determined by mutual agreement that the regular date and time of the Friends of the Dog Park will be the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm.

Tiffanie Braun announced that she had made a website for Friends of the Dog Park, . The group expressed its appreciation for her efforts. Linda Pall suggested that when the group had put additional content together, there could be a link to the City’s Parks and Recreation website.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pall