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2009, May

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minutes
City of Moscow Parks and Recreation and Paradise Path Task Force
Sister’s Brew Café
Minutes submitted by Emily Spellman
May 5, 2009 at 5:30 pm

Meeting Minutes
  • Attending
    Tiffanie, Scott, Emily
  • Approval of Minutes from 4/07/09
  • Committee Reports
    •  Improvement Committee
      We had our Spring Dog Park Work Day (details below)
    • Search Committee
      no members
    • Friends of the Dog Park Web Site
      • We are having some issues with the 2008 page showing up- We will talk to Rob Braun for a solution.
      • Some of the file names are doubled so some pictures are showing up in the wrong places. When Emily has time, she will work on renaming all the files.
      • Do we want to look into another webpage host that may be more user friendly?
  • Old Business
    • Dog Park Work Day Report
      We had over 25 volunteers come in to help with Dog Park improvements and up keep. A huge thanks to the Tree Commission for donating the two Ash trees. Emily will write them a thank you letter. Check out our pictures online. We were able to:
      • Plant two ash trees
      • Rake bark back into bark area
      • Scrub the water pails 
      • Relocate the pooh bag dispenser
      • Fill low areas of holes with fresh dirt 
      • Pick up trash 
      • Add gravel to the water area 
      • Pick gravel out of the grass area 
      • Added a third picnic table to the south end of the park
    • P&R Commission Meeting Report
    •  Shelter Update
      •  Tiff, Scott and Emily went to the Park and Rec. Commission meeting to present the idea of a weather shelter at the dog park. The commission moved and motioned that they support the idea of exploring a shelter at the dog park. They gave us some recommendations of details to come back with. For example, park average use, and the need for a shelter.
      • Scott talked to Howard Hughes about the vending machine that they have for sale. We talked about the pros and cons of having this machine at the Dog Park (if the commission will even allow it). We will think about it for a month and bring it up at our next meeting. Scott is going to purchase it so that the opportunity doesn’t get away from us.
    • Next Steps
      • We still have some clarifying questions. Scott will talk to Dwight about these. Questions: Can we start fundraising now or take pledges? Are there limitations on fundraising? Setting up an account with the city. And the possibility of some of us members “fronting” the money if we don’t raise enough on time.
      • Dr. Barnstorm’s class- This is the architecture class from WSU that we have been talking with about building the shelter during the next fall semester. Scott will email him, along with Emily and Tiff to set up a meeting to talk about our wants and needs for the shelter. If any one else would like to be invited, let me know.
      • Dr. Belton’s class- This is another architecture class who is having a summer class that is looking into building some sort of gazebo as a project. Tiff will look more into this to see if the Dog Park might be something that would benefit from this project.
  • New Business
    • Dog Park Survey
      • In order to show a need for a shelter at the Dog Park, the Commission asked that we come up with some numbers that show the use of the park and need for a shelter. Emily came up with a survey and shared it at the meeting. After Emily makes a couple of adjustments, Scott will send it to Dwight at the city to have him look it over to see if it will fit the purpose.
      • After being approved, we plan to hang this survey up at the shelter along with a cover page that explains the reason for the survey, the description on the park, and pictures of example shelters.
    • 4th of July Mutt Strut
      • This is a fun event to dress up your dogs, and walk down the runway to show off their red, white and blue pride. Linda Paul will lead this event. The city will help with advertising and Emily will put something up at the Dog Park. More details will be coming…
    • Other Doggy related events- Mark your calendars!
      • Pancake Feed
        Saturday, May 30th, at the Fair Grounds- Grange Building from 7-11am, $5 all you can eat. This is a fundraiser for the Humane Society of the Palouse.
      • Howling at Hamilton
        A dog day at the public pool. September 13 from 1-6pm, with a jumping contest starting at 5. $7 per dog. There will be toys and treats for sale there too. This is a fundraiser for the Humane Society of the Palouse.
  • Open Discussion regarding FODP member recruitment/retention
    • How can we get more people to come to our monthly meetings?
    • Holding the meetings at the Dog Park helped, but due to weather, we can always meet there (not until we get a shelter J ).
  • Adjourn

Next Meeting Date- June 2, 2009; 5:30 pm @ the Dog Park. If poor weather is in the forecast, it will be moved to Sisters Brew. An email will be sent out as soon as we know.