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2008, March

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minutes
City of Moscow Parks and Recreation and Paradise Path Task Force
Moscow City Hall
Meeting record submitted by Tiffanie
March 4, 2008 at 5:30 pm

Meeting Minutes
  • Attendance
    Tiffanie Braun, Ken Fingerlos, Linda Pall, Emily Spellman, Scott Smith
  • Approval of Minutes from Dec 4, 2007
    Minutes from Dec 4th were approved with the addition of Emily’s name to the attendance list and a correction to Linda’s last name.
  • Committee Reports
    • Improvement Committee Report. Emily spoke with Roger from P&R. The bulletin board will be pushed back to early summer due to the weather. Scott mentioned that there is one available through UI surplus.
    • Search Committee Report. No new updates. Tiffanie will contact the county about new sites and leash laws for current parks.
    • Friends of the Dog Park Web site Committee. Emily mentioned that there have been new updates to the photos on the website, but that we would like to get some good photos of dogs at the dog park. Linda suggested using large print and a flashy image to let people know about future Friends of the Dog Park meeting dates. Emily and Tiffanie will work together on updating the website.
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • Comprehensive Plan. Linda shared that the people revising the comprehensive plan know that the FODP has a plan for future dog parks and that a future facility must meet that criteria. Linda Pall will email the link to the Comprehensive Plan the committee to review. They will be having another series of meetings the first part of April. Linda will forward the agenda. Scott expressed an interest in attending.
    • Dog Park Work Day. Ken mentioned that we need to work with the P&R to address the drainage issue. Scott and Ken will work together to contact Roger to determine a time frame, tools and how many volunteers would be needed. Tiffanie can get university students involved and contact UI Service-Learning. Linda indicated that she would like to have a larger community day/open house when the park reopens.
    • Dog Park Closure. Members present discussed the recent closure of the dog park due to mud and odor. It is the members hope that this closure will give the park a chance to recover. However, everyone is unsure how long it will be closed and where to take the dogs while it is closed. Some of the alternatives mentioned include: Mountain View Park, Robinson Park, and Phillips Farm. All those locations require dogs to be leased at all times. Linda mentioned that the school district is leasing Phillips Farm as an outdoor education school from the city. Linda will contact Dwight Curtis to inquire about opening up the park to off-leash hours. Scott noted that there are parks in Oregon with limited off-leash hours at certain parks. Emily suggested that they might want to donate a temporary small fenced area for people and their dogs. The committee suggested that all the members check out the current conditions of the dog park for themselves to familiarize themselves with the issues. Scott will contact KC about her suggestions for the flood control issue.
  • Upcoming Events/ Meeting
    • Next meeting will be Tuesday, April 1st at 5:30 pm
  • Adjourn