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2009, June

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minutes
City of Moscow Parks and Recreation and Paradise Path Task Force
Moscow Dog Park
Minutes submitted by Emily Spellman
June 2, 2009 at 5:30pm

Meeting Minutes
  • Attendees
    Tiffanie, Scott, Emily, Ryan, Kari, Dan, Lori A, Jeff, Dave, Katie, Becker
  • Approval of Minutes from 05/05/09
  • Committee Reports
    • Improvement Committee
      • Emily sent a Thank you to the Tree Commission for donating the two ash trees to the dog park.
      • We would like to have a dog park improvement day in the fall as long as we have noted items that need to be fixed/ updated. Keep in mind things that could be done.
      • Gazebo
        • Scott is working with setting up a time for Emily, Tiff and himself to meet with Dr. Barnstorm about his class taking on our project for next semester.
        • The contact Tiff had for a summer class fell through.
        • Katie will look into contacts for the possibility for using U of I as a resource.
        • Emily will work with the city for setting up an account for the dog park and begin the fundraising process. Dave suggested using pay pal on our website for people to donate to. Emily will see if the city can do this.
  • Search Committee
    • no members, members needed
  • Friends of the Dog Park Web Site
    • Emily fixed the issues with mistakes on the webpage. Some of the file names were doubled so some pictures were showing up in the wrong places. We may have lost a couple of pictures in the process. Emily will rename the files before she uploads them, this should help avoid this problem in the future.
    • Kari said she would be willing to help with web site issues.
    • Can we set up a pay pal account for people to donate to the park? Emily will look into this.
  • Old Business
    • 4th of July Mutt Strut
      • This is a fun event to dress up your dogs, and walk down the runway to show off their red, white and blue pride. Linda Paul will lead this event. The city will help with advertising. Dody will be making flyers. Scott will head up volunteers. Scott will look into getting prizes for the winners. Event will take place downtown Moscow. Time: unknown. Emily will post something on the bulletin board when she gets more details about time.
    • Dog Park Survey
      • The Friends of the Dog Park was asked to find out how much people use the dog park in order to show need for a gazebo.
      • Emily will put something up on the bulletin board about the survey.
      • Emily will hang up the survey at the dog park. Please refer people to it.
      • Scott mentioned that he was asked to develop a second survey that will ask the neighbors about an impact on them to build a gazebo at the dog park. Dan and Kari will help Scott with this.
  • New Business
    • Pullman Dog Park Update, guest Speaker Lori Amuns
      • We have many people at the Moscow Dog Park who are curious about what is going on with the Pullman Dog Park. Lori A. came to our meeting to let us know how things are going over there. They plan to be able to open next summer. There dog park will be on donated land so they do not have the restrictions on their park that they see us having in Moscow for such things as shelter and fundraising. But also because of this they are having a “pay to play” park. Community members must buy a swipe card in order to enter the dog park. They plan to have a yearly fee of about $50. They have fountains donated and are working on getting benches. They will have a separate area for small dogs and large dogs to play.
    • Children at the dog park
      •  It was mentioned that there has been an issue with unsupervised/ wild children running around at the dog park. These children are swinging sticks, stealing the dogs toys and running around the park. We are worried that due to the lack of supervision by the parent, a child may get hurt and the dog may get blamed.
      • Emily will post something on the bulletin board about respectful manners at the dog park and the risk of not following them.
    • Other Doggy related events- Mark your calendars!
      • Mutt Strut- July 4th
        See old business notes above.
      • Howling at Hamilton
        A dog day at the public pool. September 13 from 1-6pm, with a jumping contest starting at 5. $7 per dog. There will be toys and treats for sale there too. This is a fundraiser for the Humane Society of the Palouse.
      • Emily will post any other upcoming events on the bulletin board at the dog park as well as on the website.
  • Open Discussion regarding FODP member recruitment/retention
    • How can we get more people to come to our monthly meetings?
      • Holding the meetings at the Dog Park helped, but due to weather, we can always meet there (not until we get a gazebo :) ).
  • Adjourn

Next Meeting Date
Oct 6, 2009; 5:30 pm @ the Dog Park

  • If poor weather is in the forecast, it will be moved to Sisters Brew. An email will be sent out as soon as we know.
  • Since we do not meet again for 4 months, progress emails may be sent out.