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2007, December

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minutes
City of Moscow Parks and Recreation and Paradise Path Task Force
Moscow City Hall
Meeting record submitted by Tiffanie.
December 4, 2007 at 5:30 pm

Meeting Minutes
  • Attending
    Erin Berryman, Tiffanie Braun, Ken Fingerlos, Greg Halloran, Chad Hoffman, Dena Neese, Linda Pall, Ginger Rankin, Emily Spellman, Scott Smith, KC Wagner
  • Approval of Minutes from November 8, 2007
  • Committee Reports
    • Improvement Committee Report
      Emily stated that the Improvement committee met and created a list of improvements to the park. These ideas were then prioritized and others will be organized into a work day proposed for March/April. See attached Improvement Committee notes, 11/20
    • Linda invited KC Wagner to the FDP meeting to lend her expertise as a landscape architect student who has specialized in dog parks. KC will report back at the next meeting regarding the flood control issue, which is a primary focus of the Improvement Committee. KC recommended an analysis be completed prior to a discussion regarding building a pavilion.
    • Emily reported that Roger from P&R already has a bulletin board that may be used with some modification.
    • Scott spoke to Roger about making the 2nd entrance, a double-gated entrance. There are several factors to consider in the placement of a second gate. KC asked about signage on the 2nd gate.
    • Emily reported that the fire hydrant was removed.
  • Search Committee Report
    Dena reported that the search committee met and discussed potential sites. The committee discussed getting feedback from the larger group regarding the primary issues/needs in a new park. The issues raised are as follows:
    • Availability
    • Size (2+ Acres)
    • Location
    • Accessibility
    • Drainage/Water Issues
    • Tiffanie still needs to make contact with the county.
    • Dena spoke with Dwight Curtis about possible sites. Dwight mentioned that the Comprehensive Plan will be completed in the next six months, which will be the road map for Parks & Rec, and the dog park needs to be represented in the broad scope of the plan but it is too soon for specifics. However, he agrees that there needs to be another larger dog park. Dwight is open to other ideas for the location of the next dog park? Road and parking lots are big concerns. A bond for Parks & Rec, which included line items for a dog park, might be a successful avenue to consider.
    • KC mentioned that 2 acres would be good for addressing drainage issues, etc. Scott spoke about trying to locate a future dog park with proximity to the trail system.
    • Ginger suggested the land near Lincoln/ Mountain View, though the school district owns the property. Ken brought up the idea of creating a temporary dog park at Lincoln/Mountain View. Linda suggested asking the school district and seeing if they would be open to the idea by writing them a letter from the city or the Parks & Rec Commission.
  • Friends of the Moscow Dog Park Web site Committee
    Tiffanie stated that anyone can email photos to Emily to have them posted on the Dog Park Friends website. KC asked about donations. Linda will ask the Parks & Rec. about whether our group can accept donations and if there is a donation mechanism with the city.
  • Upcoming Events/ Meeting
    • January meeting has been canceled.
    • Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 5that 5:30PM
  • Adjourn