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2009, April

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minutes
Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Time: 5:36- 6:27 pm

Meeting Minutes
  • Attendance
    Emily, Tiff, Scott, Robin, Dan, Kari, Paige, Pam, Idgi
  • Introductions
    New officers for year 2009
    Chair- Tiffanie Braun
    Vice Chair- Scott Smith
    Secretary- Emily Spellman
  • Secretary’s Report
    Was not received from last meeting.
  • Committee Reports
    • Search- It would be helpful to have a Dog Park person on City board to be a bug in the ear for a new dog park. Any takers?
    •  Improvement
    • We have decided to have a spring Dog Park work day
    • Upcoming in late spring or summer will be a second double gate entry into the Dog Park. 
    • Shelter- Emily will check into plaques. See “events” for more information.
  • Events
    •  Dog Park Work Day- We do have any an exact date yet. We plan to have a Dog Park work day on a Saturday in late April from 9-10 am. What we do during the dog park work day will depend on the materials we get from the City. Our hope is to fill holes, pick up trash, rearrange our picnic tables (hopefully adding a third), move pooh bag dispenser (possibly adding a second bag dispenser). Scott will look into the date. Details will be to you within the next week.
    • Shelter- We would like to build a wind, rain and shade shelter at the park. We have talked with the City of Moscow and a WSU architecture class about the needs and wants for the shelter. We got a price estimate. In order to begin the process we need to raise money. We talked about selling plaques to people that would be posted in the shelter. Plaques can read “in memory of______” or “Donated by______”. Color of the plaques could depend on the amount of money donated. Any extra money raised can be put into a Dog Park Improvement fund. Emily will work on this.
  • Other Items
    • Vending machine
      Scott will talk to the Howard Hughes about donating a vending machine they have for sale. The machine could be put at the Dog Park and filled with treats. If allowed by the city, the money collected could be used for Dog Park improvements.
    • We have lots of questions for the City about the dog park and what items we can have available to us for our improvement day. Emily will get the answers to the following questions:
      • Do we have any trees to be planted?
      • Can we have a third picnic table? 
      • Can we have a load of gravel dumped at the water station? 
      • Can we have a second bag dispenser and post? 
      • Would you allow a vending machine full of dog treats to be posted at the park?
    • Long term questions
      When we get a shelter built, is there a possibility of having a paved path out to it? We have some Dog Park Friends who come in with wheel chairs and have to sit by the pooh cans during their visit.
  • Next Meeting Dates
    Our next meeting date is Tuesday, May 5, 5:3 pm. We will meet at the Dog Park. If weather is poor, we will meet at Sister’s Brew Coffee Shop. An email will be sent out.