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2008, April

Friends of the Dog Park Meeting Minutes
City of Moscow Parks and Recreation and Paradise Path Task Force
Moscow City Hall
April 1, 2008 at 5:30 pm

Meeting Minutes
  • Attendance
    Ken Fingerlos, Linda Pall, Emily Spellman, Scott Smith, Donna Hime, Dody, Roger Blancher, Dena Neese
  • Minutes from March were approved with two changes. Under Comprehensive plan: Linda changed “a future facility must meet that criteria” to “we hope that a future facility will meet that criteria”. Also under Dog park Closure: Linda changed that the county is leasing the Phillips Farm, not the school district.
  • Improvement Committee Report. The bulletin board will be pushed back to early summer due to the weather. Roger has a board that can be used. He will let us know when we can start working on that. Roger asked for a budget of $800 from Parks for future plans of adding a second entrance.
  • Search Committee Report. Roger talked to Andy Grant from Latah County Parks about the possibility of a fenced in area at Phillips Farm. Andy will bring it up to their committee. Linda will talk to Andy more about this. Andy Grant.
  • Web site Committee. Emily added flashy dogs to advertise our meetings. We agreed that once we have the bulletin board more people will learn about the web site. Emily will contact Greg Morrison from P&R about adding our page onto the Moscow City P&R web page. Greg Morrison.
  • Dog Park Work Day. April 12th @1:00 pm. We will be working on the drain under the water and filling in holes with dirt. Bring friends, shovels, rakes, wheel barrow, pick. Dody will work on signs to get some volunteers. Linda will contact the newspaper and the radio. Contact Scott with any questions about the park work day.
  • Dog Park Closure. The park is still closed until the ground dries up. Roger will email Emily when it is opened up.
  • New Business. We received a letter from Dwight Curtis. The letter says that the FODP needs to follow city process and go through the P&R commission with their ideas. Also a concern of our meeting place was mentioned. We will need to find a new place to meet. Linda will be looking for another spot. Possibly Sister’s Brew board room.
  • Next meeting will be Tuesday, May 6th at 5:30 pm (place to be announced)
  • Adjourned
Meeting record submitted by Emily.